Friday, October 29, 2010

1/24 Scale Shabby Chic

I took a few pictures in my Fairfield Dollhouse today.
I set up the living room as a shop scene. I have the 1/24 scale dollhouse shop from greenleaf that im working on that will become a shabby chic shop, or a savon store. Not sure yet.
The console table I made from a wood scraps, legs, and cardboard. I think it turned out very cute. The clock is a RB kit, and is one of my favourite things in this house. It's super nice and I have decided for now just to leave it white. The Tray is from Bit's and Kits. I have a few of there items and there kits are great to put together.
Some of my 1/24 Scale soaps. This is a collection of multi coloured ones.

Some more 1/24 scale soaps in bottles and out. Oh how I love soaps.
Hope you have enjoyed my little shots.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shabby chic wall decor

Love this picure of the bee. Shown with some of my soaps in glass containers. ohh i just love soap!!

You can see from this shot how the crystal beads shine with the light. soooo pretty.


More Shabby Chic Wall Decor

It was such fun to make these. This Wall Decor Item also has real crystal beads for hanging your favourite miniature items on. They are on wood and distressed and then antiqued. I love this style as it's pretty hard to go wrong when your distressing. lol

Propped up against my new shabby chic display unit.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Shabby Chic Wall Decor

New Shabby Chic Collection

I have been so inspired by other blogs with lots of wonderful shabby chic items that I thought I would make some myself.

Im going to use my Arthur as a Shabby Chic shop with the bottom as a shop and the top as an apartment.

2 shabby chic pictures on wood that have been stained and sealed


Victorian Collection Of Envelopes and Letters Postcards Etc

Victorian Empheria Collection
As you can see in the photo I have done some of the envelopes with a scalped edge. I think it looks really pretty.

This is my new collection of Victorian Empheria.
I have mixed different items in this collections so you have lots of options for display purposes.
The Victorians really new how to decorate paper items! Everything is so pretty from that Era!
A collection of Vintage Victorian Envelopes.

Victorian Envelopes, I have only distressed a few in this collection and the others left the colour that they already are. Which looks distressed. Some of them are closed and some are new (Old) envelopes that were never used. Envelopes have different cuts on the back of them.

Victorian Letter, Love the blue!!
These Card were sweet to make, one is a valentine, one is a Christmas card and the other is a double sided tea cup card.
Not only is there letters in the collection but also very pretty cards that go in the envelopes as well.
Pretty Victorian Cards
Victorian Postcards
These postcards are all double sided.
Victorian Calling Cards
Victorian Advertisements
Allot of these are double sided advertisements. Even the ad's are done with such care and art.
This collection has been printed out in the highest possible quality and sealed with a spray sealer for paper. Some items have been distressed with stain and others already have a faded look.
I will be listing this collection in the next day or so.