New Love Potion Apothecary Display!!

Love Potion Apothecary Display!!

I love these single displays, and how the furniture becomes so much of the display.
Each Love potion is made from crystal beads and is separately labeled. The crystal beads reflect light and add that special touch to the display.
Love Potions 10 Gallons Each.
All the love potions in the glass bottle are removable. This is the only bottle i have been able to find like this.
Stacks of wrapped Love Potion Packages await there new Owners.
Love potion labels with Slug and Jiggers on them.
Back view of display. All the packages are sitting on old papers and letters.
I had allot of fun making this new display, hope you like it.

Bits and Kits Shabby Chic Bed 1/24 Scale

This is a Bits and Kits bed that I made for my fairfield dollhouse.
I just had to share it, as I finished covering the bed last night. I was inspired by another member at the greenleaf forum to do some work on my fairfield.
I absolutely love this bed, it is just the right scale for 1/24 and looks amazing in my house.
I did the bedding late last night and shhhh don't tell anyone, I used hot glue. lol
I don't normally do things so fast but I just wanted to finish one thing in the house!!! lol
The bed has been painted with white acrylic paint and then distressed with sandpaper.

Shot in my fairfield room. The side table is a Besqaq piece that I painted white and then distressed and sealed. I also made the little tassel last night with pink thread.
I'm really liking how the room is coming together. I still need lots of items, rug, pictures, some drawers along side the fireplace. But I'm happy with the look so far.

This is the cutest tray also from Bits and Kits, I painted it white and then put some wallpaper inside it.

The clock is from Miss Lynda Picket. I painted this white also and distressed it, i decided not to add the decoration that usually comes with the kit though.
The link to Bits and Kits is not working right now but I will post it when it does.
There are Half Scale Website Links on my Pages just under my logo at the top of my blog if your interested.

Apothecary Cabinet

 Apothecary Cabinet #6

Apothecary's often have many different types of cabinets to hold different Ingredients.
Shown with the ingredients out. Interior section divided up into 3 sections to keep all items safe and organized.

. I have custom made the labels. Items are glued in place.
Ingredients inside cabinet.

18 separate ingredients are removable with labels on the tops and sides. They have all been separately antiqued.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of my newest piece.