Half Scale Vintage Mail Ordering Now Available!!

After many requests I finally have a Half Scale (1/24) Miniature Vintage Mail Available.
And Yes I am crazy!!!!!
Wow I keep forgetting how small this scale is, not as small as others but small enough to make me remember why I need glasses.LOL

Im putting up a listing for this in my Etsy Store, it works the same as my other mail in that you place your order and it's made in that week and then shipped out.

This set is made the  same way as the 1/12 scale version. All the pieces have been sealed and then stained.

 Picture of the Half Scale Vintage Postcards on My Half Scale Bed in the Fairfield.
Post Cards are Approx 7 mm. They vary in Size.
All postcards are doublesided.
 Vintage Unopened Mail on my 1/2 Scale Nightstand.
 16 Envelopes and Letters Opened. All the Envelopes are made by me and are real envelopes NOT one sides. Lots of work but I love the detail.
Size approx 10 mm, as they vary.
 Show here with my 1/2 Scale Kitchen Table and Penny.
 19 Unopened Letters & 18th Century Folded Letters
All are 3 dimentional and have proper backs. The folded letters are made differnet than a reg envelope as in they are one piece of folded paper.
Apporx Size 10 mm as they vary.
 Trying to show the thickness of the letters.
24 Vintage Postcards and 6 Victorian Postcards.
Approx size 7 mm.

Hope you like my crazy adventure into 1/24 Scale!!