The Miniature Show

The Miniature Show

I will once again see you in Chicago in late April at The Miniature Show. I am sure this year will turn out to be another amazing event. Last year was such fun with so many talented artists in attendance.  If you have not been The Miniature Show before I would highly recommend going if you are able. The show is held in the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, Chicago, one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stayed in. Greg hosts lots of fun events and is a pleasure to deal with. 

I do a lot of shopping every year and come home with such treasures, but always forget to blog and take pictures about it.

I hope to have more pictures this year as we have treated our family to a new camera.  My son, who I mention in the post below, loves to do stop motion animation. The camera is suited to his use, my use and will also work for my husband's job. I am hoping it will improve the quality of my pictures.

I am looking forward to seeing, once again, all the lovey miniature enthusiasts that attend the event. 

You can see lots of pictures of items from Artists that will be attending the event on

 The Miniature Shows Facebook Page

I will be doing some demonstrations on: 

Making Miniature Boxes and Top Hats

Learn Simple Tips and effective tools to make the job easier when putting together box kits. 
Never made a Top Hat? It is super easy and fun to do with a simple cardboard kit and paint. The possibilities for customizing are endless. 

Top hat in above picture is made with cardboard and painted. So simple to make and would look fantastic in any miniature display. 
 I have lots of fantastic box kits that would suit many miniature scenes.  The are simple and fun to make. 

I will do my best to post some of the recent items I have been making in the next few weeks.  My own computer is back up and running so that is fantastic. Reno's on our house still in progress but I am feeling my miniature inspiration coming back and I am also looking forward to the gardening season and warmer weather coming.  Still working on doing a better job with home schooling, but on a bright note. My son who has struggled to make friends is now making some in his new school, though his is only going part-time. He had his first hang out, I have to call it that now since he is twelve and a play-date is for little kids I am told. lol

 So excited for him, and thankful!