Vintage Radio Dollhouse Build

I see these all the time on F.B. Marketplace and always thought they were so beautiful. It was not though until I saw a miniature artist on Instagram redo a vintage radio did I feel like I could tackle this project. If you want to see the Instagram page that inspired me click this link. minutiae miniatures
After viewing lots of radios online and not seeing any in my area or in the price range I wanted. I finally came across this beauty for only $20. So I snapped it up know know if it would work or not.

When I got it home it had all the components still inside, I did take a picture but maybe I deleted it as it is no longer in any of my files. You can see though in the picture below some of the components still inside before taking them out. 
This was very dusty inside from all the many years of use. I ended up giving all the interior components away to someone who restores old radios so it went to good use. 
Taking the speaker section out of the bottom.
This is the idea I have for the front faced of the Radio Dollhouse. I have all the windows and door already and wanted to use up stock that I had. The roof will be made by using scraps and cardboard. I plan to put 3 floors into the back but time will tell if this happens. I would also love to put lighting into it as it has a fun switch on the side of the radio that would be fun to use. Not sure if my electrical skills are quite up to this task. 

All for now, I will be doing updates on my progress and also taking video to share on my YouTube.