Roombox Present

I just finished a room box for my Mother In Law Pat.
She is a wonderful lady and has been so generous with us, and tireless in her love for her family.

The Little House I started a while back after seeing the wonderful 1/144 scale houses that some very talented fellow blogger's made. I could not afford the kit so I made a little version of my own, and found out that 1/144 scale is not my favourite scale to work

I was inspired to make this room box by the Thorne Room is Chicago. My husband Dave and I have been to Chicago 3 times and I would love to go back. I purchased the book on the rooms when we were there, and I am so glad that I did as it's a wealth of inspiration.
I even made a curtain cornice, and put in a picture of an English country garden.
I made the bread when my nieces were over and we were all playing with clay.
The bottom silhouette  is of Jane Austin, Pat Love's her movies as I do. I painted the chairs white and distressed them. And can you guess what the cushion and drapes are made out of???

This verse is special to Pat and also myself. I printed off a larger version for me and put it up on the wall facing my desk so I can see it and be inspired.
I even put clear plastic in all the frames,
(i just realised that i miss spelled voice as vice) oops.)
I had of course to include some vintage mail, and roses that I made.
The desk I already had, and I think it looks great with the other pieces. I love to mix things up.
This is my before, it's a room box that I purchased at Ikea many many years ago. I already had the windows, and the floor is Popsicle sticks stained. The walls are dry wall paste.
Shot of some of the furniture before it went in.
Thanks for looking in on my little room box. I loved making it and plan on making more in the future.

PS. You can click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Half Scale Vintage Mail Ordering Now Available!!

After many requests I finally have a Half Scale (1/24) Miniature Vintage Mail Available.
And Yes I am crazy!!!!!
Wow I keep forgetting how small this scale is, not as small as others but small enough to make me remember why I need glasses.LOL

Im putting up a listing for this in my Etsy Store, it works the same as my other mail in that you place your order and it's made in that week and then shipped out.

This set is made the  same way as the 1/12 scale version. All the pieces have been sealed and then stained.

 Picture of the Half Scale Vintage Postcards on My Half Scale Bed in the Fairfield.
Post Cards are Approx 7 mm. They vary in Size.
All postcards are doublesided.
 Vintage Unopened Mail on my 1/2 Scale Nightstand.
 16 Envelopes and Letters Opened. All the Envelopes are made by me and are real envelopes NOT one sides. Lots of work but I love the detail.
Size approx 10 mm, as they vary.
 Show here with my 1/2 Scale Kitchen Table and Penny.
 19 Unopened Letters & 18th Century Folded Letters
All are 3 dimentional and have proper backs. The folded letters are made differnet than a reg envelope as in they are one piece of folded paper.
Apporx Size 10 mm as they vary.
 Trying to show the thickness of the letters.
24 Vintage Postcards and 6 Victorian Postcards.
Approx size 7 mm.

Hope you like my crazy adventure into 1/24 Scale!!

Miniature Mail Ordering Now available on Etsy

I put up a listing on my Esty page that will allow you to place an order for my Miniature Mail.
Your order will be shipped out within a week of purchase.
While my shoulder is still recovering from my little mishap, I'm taking things pretty easy.

I have changed a few envelopes from my older lot.

 Folded Letters as well as a very pretty triangle folded letter are now included in this set.
19 Unopened letters in Total.
 24 Vintage double sided postcards.
6 Vintage Victorian unused postcards.
 16 Opened Envelopes and Written Letters.

 Each lot of Miniature Mai is sealed to prevent fading and then individually antiqued. These sets take time to produce but it's worth it. I love how they set off a display by adding depth and realism to a miniature setting.

Thanks for looking

New Robins Egg Soaps!!!!

Seeing that my stock of my Reg Apothecary Jars with bead lids is down too the last ones on Etsy I figured it was time to make some new ones!!!
I just recently got these new Glass Apothecary Bottles and I'm so thrilled with the quality. I love the little lids.

Showing 2 Sizes of Apothecary Bottles I have on Etsy right now.
This is also a sneek peek at my furniture for my mini Store I'm working on.
Green Egg Soaps, 2 kinds of apothecary bottles are available.
So blue!!!!
I love this new bottles it's the style i have been looking for a long time.
My new double Shabby Chic Wall Unit with soaps displayed.
Oh i love this look, not too
Hope you like,

More Shabby Chic!!

Another Unit with different trim!! Again the all white theme, it's a rainy day here today but the light came in nice for the shots???

This unit is also listed on Etsy, just the unit itself and not the items displayed on it.

Shabby Chic Wall Unit!!

Felt like I needed a little boost of shabby chic to lift my spirits while i wait for spring!!!
One of my favourites is a all white combination of items!!
Align Center I wanted to take some pictures so you could not tell if this was 1/12 scale or life size! I made these little nests the other day,so sweet!!!
My very inexpensive plates look pretty good on here!! LOL

I'm selling these units on Etsy, they are just listed for the units themselves as I don't have enough dishes to fill them. Hope you enjoyed a little hit of shabby chic, more to come!!!
Jenn, PS, yes I'm still sick!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh
I might have to go in and have my ears popped,ahhhhh, not looking forward to that???

Apothecary Display Commission

This was a commissioned piece that my customer wanted to be similar to one that i had already made.
I put in lots of potion books for her and some more open drawers!!

Stacks of ready packaged potion books!!
Barrel stocked with lots of love potion!! The apothecary shops always tend to go through alot of this !!

Thanks for looking!!