Shabby Chic Wall Unit!!

Felt like I needed a little boost of shabby chic to lift my spirits while i wait for spring!!!
One of my favourites is a all white combination of items!!
Align Center I wanted to take some pictures so you could not tell if this was 1/12 scale or life size! I made these little nests the other day,so sweet!!!
My very inexpensive plates look pretty good on here!! LOL

I'm selling these units on Etsy, they are just listed for the units themselves as I don't have enough dishes to fill them. Hope you enjoyed a little hit of shabby chic, more to come!!!
Jenn, PS, yes I'm still sick!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh
I might have to go in and have my ears popped,ahhhhh, not looking forward to that???


  1. These are wonderful and I bet you were glad of the change! I love pretty things too. :o))

    Aww sorry you're still not well, I suffer with my ears all the time and I have them hovered out regularly to help ease my condition...not nice, but it works! lol You might have an ear infection, best get them looked at.

    Will email shortly.
    Michelle xxxx

  2. Nossa, Perfeito!!! Demorei para notar que é miniatura...rsrsrsrrs..Beijos!!

  3. un mueble precioso, estoy enamorado de él y la vajilla es sencilla pero le queda genial en él, felicidades


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