Quill and Ink Display

New Quill and Ink Display in my Apothecary Series.
I love the pedestal displays!!! They fit small spaces, and show off the items so wonderfully.

The little Ink bottles are so pretty with there little S logos on them. Tweezers come in handy or putting these on. lol
Old stacked Envelopes and letters fill the table.
The little Quills and Ink wells are make of real crystal Beads, my favorite.
Stacks of wrapped quills and some ink wells. Extra stock is always handy to have around and pre-wrapped even better for that quick sale.

Thanks for looking!!
Im still fighing this flu virus!! Not in blog land as much as i would like, if anyone has any suggestions for 2 blocked ears i would love to know. arrggggg
when will this flu end!!


  1. Just brilliant love it Jenn, and amazing as you feel so rubbish that you can still create so beautifully! Kate xxx

  2. Wow, I love it!!! Beautifull.

  3. I always love these displays of yours, Jenn. There is such meticulous attention to detail which make them so special and truly one of a kind!

    You'll need some heavy duty decongestants to open up those ears... flu's the pits!

  4. I adore your work,so perfect in every detail!!!Jeannette

  5. Such precision and The Dayly Prophet too, amazing!

  6. Beautiful, Wonderful, Bravo!

    Victoria ♥

  7. Lots of good health from mr to you Jenn!
    Beautiful display again!:) Love everything you put on it! And of course love this little "used" book:D

  8. Very very pretty work!! :)
    Hope you get well soon Jennifer...

  9. So original and wonderful!
    Take care and get weel soon :)

  10. Love this work, the details are so fine!
    It's a beautiful display!

    And it may not make sense but try a nose spray for your ears, sometimes someting simple as that does the trick. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Ooooo I love those feather quills. I just love the details of your work...like the curled up cover of the book...I would never even think of that! It makes it look if it was read a lot. such a thoughtful and realistic touch. Love it! as for your clog ears I had the same thing last year..It was maddening! finally after almost a month I went back to the Doctor's and had to be put on some really strong stuff. I forgot what it was but it did the trick. Hope your feel better soon!

  12. This whole series is fascinating - so many details, all exquisitely done.


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