Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scrivenshaft's Quills and Inks

This is my latest Creation!!
The Display started out from my 2nd Place Harry Potter Diagon Alley. It was used in Scrivenshaft's Quills and Inks.
I have added so many things to it I have lost count!!

The Cabinet was aged more and then antiqued. All the bottles had there labels antiqued and then I started adding items. The parchment rolls were already to go as with the stacks of cut parchment tied with string. Quills and all the bottles were then put into place and I went about adding so many letters and envelopes that like I said at the start of this post I lost count.
Stacks of Distressed Letters and Newspapers Litter the Floor. I like having props like these with my display as they add more depth and are fun to move around to suit your display.

Top of the cabinet, I made some new labels for Scrivenshafts which are on the parcels. Really how does one ever find anything in this shop?
My new Quill boxes with my custom labels, Phoenix Feather Quills are the stores speciality. Stacks of letter and extra feathers are stored on top of the display.
Left side of Cabinet.
Right Side of Cabinet. You can see some of the extra storage drawers below. They are faux but look very realistic.
Close up of some of the feather quills and Dragons Blood Ink.

Stacks of rolled parchment and cut parchment.
One of my fav's disappearing ink? Can you see it?

These are just some quick pictures Of the Cabinet as the light outside does not allow me to take them in the Diagon Alley shop right now. I will be listing this when i get back from Vacation! I will be away for the first two weeks of January!! yeah!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Slug and Jiggers Apothercary Display

Just listed This display on my Etsy!!

You can view more pictures of the display on my Apothecary Blog!! See my links!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shabby Chic Displays

Blue Shabby Chic is the new Black!!
In the pink Shabby Chic.
White inspired Shabby Chic.
Rustic Shabby Chic.
Rustic Shabby Chic.

White Inspired Display.

New Shabby Chic Wall Decor!!

New shabby chic Wall Decor!!
I have added some colour into the line and im loving it.
I will be listing the signs on Etsy in today and tommorow.
I can also do custom work if your looking for a certain colour.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

MayBelle Mouse!!!

Please meet MayBelle Mouse!
She is made by my mini friend Karin.
Her Blog
Her blog shows the creation of this wonderful little gal.
Were doing a swap and she has been so kind as to make two mice for me. I'm making vintage mail for her Witches Store.

I'm so excited I just had to post some pictures!!! She put her in her wonderful little cottage to take some pictures!!
She even made her poseable!! How great is that!!

Now I need a mouse house, But I think my Greenleaf Harrison will become something of a mouse hotel with Maybelle Mouse in Charge of the daily running of things.
Best Christmas present ever, thanks so much Karin you have made me very happy!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Artist Feature!! Brambly Hedge Cottage

This Cottage is made by a fellow member on the GreenLeaf Community Board Karin.
She is a very talented Artist and I could not resist featuring her work on my blog.
Her Brambly Cottage reminds me of my childhood love of children's books with real pictures of miniatures in them.
I think this is the Cutest Dollhouse I have ever seen.
I have listed a link at the bottom going to her Greenleaf Album so you can see more pictures.
I have asked Karin for permission to use her pictures, I have also included her comments that are beside the pictures as they give you information about the picture.
Here is her discription of her Cottage.
A Brambly Hedge inspired cottage. The Brambly Hedge is a series of books written~illustrated by Jill Barklem...I fell in love with the illustrations and had to build a cottage:) This cottage belongs to Mrs. Crustybread. Im not finished with the base and flowers,and I still want to make more food and dishes. So,this album shows far...

Yesterday I did the key on the nail, and put the shelves up, painted the door knob.

I love these shelves, just got them stained and put in place. At first I thought they were too expensive for something I could really probably make myself, ($10 for three shelves), but I was really happy I did, they are nice and roomy and good quality. Cant wait to fill them with China plates and pink pitchers and tea cups!
This is one of the flour sacks I made yesterday,they are filled with cloves and pumpkin spice which makes the whole little house that! Buttercups doll furniture. I found this little 'rug' in my stash, my Grandma had made, it had a little cup on the top,which I carefully removed with a seam ripper and I'll use the cup part for a basket, I have about 7 of these little "rugs":) Thanks Grandma! Know she is smiling from Heaven:)
cauliflower,carrots and potatoes
Please meet Buttercup, Buttercup is Mrs. Crustybread's little daughter. Shes enjoying her afternoon cup of hot cocoa but cant seem to keep her whiskers out of the whipped cream!

I haven't decided on front door hardware yet,don't know if I want a Tudor look or just a simple door knob,so until we decide...we use a secret knock to gain entrance:)
In case anyone is wondering how big the Sugarplam is, size~wise...this is my Aster Cottage,Buttercup and Sugarplum left to right.
Enjoy this very talented ladies work!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a Glittery Christmas!!!

Seeing as I made all these mini's last year and never took pictures I thought it was high time that they came out of hiding.
My secret is out though I love to glitter!!!!!

All the beautiful blogs with just white inspired this picture. I wish my own house looked like this.
Feather Tree with glittered base.

Set of 2 snowman, I kept these really simple.
Glittered tea pot
Set of 2 obelisks
Glittered Oil lamp, for the lady who has everything!!
Glittered wood bowls set of 2
Glittered Pear Bookends
Glittered Candelabra
Set of 2 Glittered Candle sticks.
I will be listing these on Etsy also.