MayBelle Mouse!!!

Please meet MayBelle Mouse!
She is made by my mini friend Karin.
Her Blog
Her blog shows the creation of this wonderful little gal.
Were doing a swap and she has been so kind as to make two mice for me. I'm making vintage mail for her Witches Store.

I'm so excited I just had to post some pictures!!! She put her in her wonderful little cottage to take some pictures!!
She even made her poseable!! How great is that!!

Now I need a mouse house, But I think my Greenleaf Harrison will become something of a mouse hotel with Maybelle Mouse in Charge of the daily running of things.
Best Christmas present ever, thanks so much Karin you have made me very happy!!!


  1. oooooo Jenn you lucky thing! she is fabulous!! :D Linda x

  2. How gorgeous , you MUST get a mouse house, or a little mouse shop thats next on my list he he, as if I dont have too many projects already! But dont you just get so inspired when you see such fantastic little creations! Kate xxx

  3. Your welcome,Im so happy you like her:)

  4. How beautiful these mice, they can live anywhere :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  5. Oh she's wonderful! I LOVE her little hat and dress!!!

  6. I love how she is dressed! great mouse.

    Victoria : )


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