I have been fascinated with miniatures since I was a small child. I did not start into the miniature world until later in life though. I would say that it all started when I was asked by a store I was working for to do their Dept 56 display. I loved making it and felt a real sense of pride at the finish of the display. Fast forward a few years and I made a dollhouse for my niece. My son was still under 2 at the time so I was very busy being A mom, but I was hooked. Then with the onset of the internet websites and media it opened up the world of miniatures to me. What an exciting time to be able to share your passion for miniatures with those around the world. One of my favorite things about becoming A miniature artist is the people I meet.  
I strive for attention to detail and authenticity to 1/12 scale and realism in all my displays and love vintage and antiqued items. Paper is my favorite medium. I am in awe of how many ways paper can be manipulated and distressed to give a vintage feel to any piece. I tend to see the world through a miniature lens and love working as a Miniature Artist. 

Creative inspiration is very important, to be able then to translate that to a artistic piece is a fascinating process. When you are working at your best you are lost into the piece your designing, it gives you an amazing scene of freedom and fulfillment. 

 I thank the Lord for my Gift of loving miniatures and having the privilege of being able to do what I love. My background is in Purchasing, Merchandising & Management. I  trained floral designer and also love gardening. 
My work has been shown on TV and In Major Store Windows in the US and in various Magazines. 
 I work in both 1/12 scale and 1/6 and 1/24. 

I hope you find some inspiration and enjoy being lost in the world of mini!!

Etsy allows me to work from home and still be around for my children but also to have a creative outlet.

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