Vintage Letter Collection #1 Dollhouse 1/12 Scale

It's Been some time since my last posting! I'm happy to say that  i have been working on some new collections for my Looking Glass Etsy Shop.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!
I'm so happy to be back happy 2014!
Shown here with my desk and Windsor chair. I love how the vintage aged letters add such detail to any miniature setting. I take great care to hand stain and antique each piece by hand. I use real parchment paper and only the best quality setting on my printer. 
Vintage Letter Collection #1
Set of 3 tied letters.
Antiqued letters, folded and crumpled with age.
All my Envelopes are REAL envelopes! They are printed on both sides.
Showing the detail that i have added to each envelope on the back.

Closed Letters are all filled to add more depth to the letters.

Postcards are all printed on both sides.