New Robins Egg Soaps!!!!

Seeing that my stock of my Reg Apothecary Jars with bead lids is down too the last ones on Etsy I figured it was time to make some new ones!!!
I just recently got these new Glass Apothecary Bottles and I'm so thrilled with the quality. I love the little lids.

Showing 2 Sizes of Apothecary Bottles I have on Etsy right now.
This is also a sneek peek at my furniture for my mini Store I'm working on.
Green Egg Soaps, 2 kinds of apothecary bottles are available.
So blue!!!!
I love this new bottles it's the style i have been looking for a long time.
My new double Shabby Chic Wall Unit with soaps displayed.
Oh i love this look, not too
Hope you like,

More Shabby Chic!!

Another Unit with different trim!! Again the all white theme, it's a rainy day here today but the light came in nice for the shots???

This unit is also listed on Etsy, just the unit itself and not the items displayed on it.

Shabby Chic Wall Unit!!

Felt like I needed a little boost of shabby chic to lift my spirits while i wait for spring!!!
One of my favourites is a all white combination of items!!
Align Center I wanted to take some pictures so you could not tell if this was 1/12 scale or life size! I made these little nests the other day,so sweet!!!
My very inexpensive plates look pretty good on here!! LOL

I'm selling these units on Etsy, they are just listed for the units themselves as I don't have enough dishes to fill them. Hope you enjoyed a little hit of shabby chic, more to come!!!
Jenn, PS, yes I'm still sick!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh
I might have to go in and have my ears popped,ahhhhh, not looking forward to that???

Apothecary Display Commission

This was a commissioned piece that my customer wanted to be similar to one that i had already made.
I put in lots of potion books for her and some more open drawers!!

Stacks of ready packaged potion books!!
Barrel stocked with lots of love potion!! The apothecary shops always tend to go through alot of this !!

Thanks for looking!!

Quill and Ink Display

New Quill and Ink Display in my Apothecary Series.
I love the pedestal displays!!! They fit small spaces, and show off the items so wonderfully.

The little Ink bottles are so pretty with there little S logos on them. Tweezers come in handy or putting these on. lol
Old stacked Envelopes and letters fill the table.
The little Quills and Ink wells are make of real crystal Beads, my favorite.
Stacks of wrapped quills and some ink wells. Extra stock is always handy to have around and pre-wrapped even better for that quick sale.

Thanks for looking!!
Im still fighing this flu virus!! Not in blog land as much as i would like, if anyone has any suggestions for 2 blocked ears i would love to know. arrggggg
when will this flu end!!