Fairfield Dollhouse Re-Hab

Yes OK, I know I have too many dollhouse's. LOL
This is my fairfield, it was given to me by a member at the GreenLeaf Dollhouse Forum.
When I first got the house it was if I remember correctly purple on the outside with shinny green shingles?
As soon as I saw it, I thought of an old farmhouse. Here are some on the pictures of my progress over the years, yes years. lol
I decided to take it out of the closet again, and let it have some light I'm going to make a place for it in my craft room so I can see it.
I forgot to included this picture blow. I don't have a before picture, it is normally the dining room. but now serves as the kitchen.

The outside of the house already had siding on it, but it was bumpy in allot of places. So I decided to trim up the house allot to cover it. I wanted to keep this as inexpensive as possible so I used skinny sticks from the craft store. Wow they are great.

It's also painted white, and then blue and then green and then white again. Yes once again, I had trouble making up my mind. lol

I'm trimming the porch with sticks also and the balcony. I think that the door on the second level was already cut out. I have a door for it, just not installed yet. The Turret top windows were round and I did not like them so I made them larger and made the windows once again from skinny sticks.

It's a little bright out this morning for this picture of the front door. I have aged the door with sanding and I'm in the process of trimming out the top.

This is a kit I bought on line, I used the extra paper from my kits to trim it out.

Front knobs are nails that I have put enamel paint on.

Picture of the skinny stick windows I made before they were painted.

Living room. I did not have a before and after pic that I could find. I stained all the floors dark, they look great I think. The house was already put together so I did not want to have to put in flooring.

In the living room I have trimmed out the fireplace with shelving and again used skinny sticks. I'm still working on it. Now that I finally bought some furniture for this room I might have to re-think the colour?
Window Bench, I need to make a new cover now to match the lavender cushions of the furniture.
This is a Bespaq set that I bought of Ebay. I have looked at this furniture for sometime but could never find some that I could afford. This set came with the couch , 2 chairs, side table, coffee table and side table, and little ottoman. It was a great price!! So I treated myself!! I'm thinking of pained the wood white? What do you think?

I love the style of these chairs and did not feel that they would look out of place in the house. They are so wonderful and such detail in them.
Before picture of the right bedroom. Though the floors do have one coat of stain on them at this point.
After Right Bedroom. I decided in all the rooms that I would pull out the old wallpaper and use Spackle to cover any imperfections and also the ceiling, which was in really bad shape. I love the soft look that Spackle gives. I have done a test colour on this fireplace. I think I need to white was the fireplace a bit. The wardrobe is a Robin Betterley kit.
Before shot of the left upstairs bedroom. Again I have put one coat of stain on the floor at this point.
After Shots of Left Upstairs bedroom. I got the bed as a kit its I believe a Phoenix Model Kit. You only get the foot board and headboard. I have painted it white. The ottoman is one of the pieces that match the living room set. The little side table also came with the same set. Again thinking about painting them white and then putting a patina on them.

Before picture of Attic Left Side.

After Picture of Side of House
After Picture of upstairs attic room. I wanted to do a close up of the little light switches I made.
I made this false wall for the upstairs attic room and distressed the door.
After picture of the upstairs attic room. This is going to be the room for the owner of the house. I'm treating the house as a bed and breakfast.
After picture of the attic looking through the house. This will be the sitting room for the owners. There private area. The couch you see against the wall is a kit I have not finished.
Before picture of second floor hallway and bathroom. As you can see the stair whole needed allot of work to clean it up, which I show in following pictures. The wall that divided the bathroom is also not in this shot.
After picture of upstairs hallway. You can see in this picture that I have cleaned up the hole and trimmed it out. I had to use wood filler and stain it in certain spots but I think it looks OK.
I love this shot, it makes me look forward to when its decorated and done. The third floor staircase has yet to be painted and stained.
After shot of back side of house.
Before shot of attic back view. There is usually a wall dividing the turret. I cant remember if that was out already or not. Wow that a little area to get in. lol

Turret area. I love this chair set in here.
Attic wall I made with door to the owners room. This picture is taken from outside the attic window.
Before ground floor entry and normally the kitchen.
After picture of ground floor entry. Again all the walls are Spackle. Another kit from RB on the wall. The stairs I decided to turn around from there normal way. If I'm going to put that much work into them, I want to see the!!!

Back side of house
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, it's still a work in progress!!


New 18th Century Mail Collection

Introducing the 18 Century Mail Collection

7 18th Century folded and wax sealed letters. I have used real sealing wax for these.

Showing the side view of the sealed folded letters

Front view of sealed folded letters

4 wax sealed 18th Century Letters

Front of letters with wax seal

collection of open envelopes and letters

showing the back of the open envelopes with letters inside

29 18th Century open envelopes

Collection of 29 letters

showing one of the folded letters undone

Showing 2 of the folded letters undone

Showing 2 folded letters that can be unfolded to reveal the writing on the inside. One old Newspaper

6 Sealed 18 Century Envelopes that includeds one morning envelope. 2 Advertisment Letters and one very old money note.

Collection of pictures of the 18th Century Collection on my Desk