New 18th Century Mail Collection

Introducing the 18 Century Mail Collection

7 18th Century folded and wax sealed letters. I have used real sealing wax for these.

Showing the side view of the sealed folded letters

Front view of sealed folded letters

4 wax sealed 18th Century Letters

Front of letters with wax seal

collection of open envelopes and letters

showing the back of the open envelopes with letters inside

29 18th Century open envelopes

Collection of 29 letters

showing one of the folded letters undone

Showing 2 of the folded letters undone

Showing 2 folded letters that can be unfolded to reveal the writing on the inside. One old Newspaper

6 Sealed 18 Century Envelopes that includeds one morning envelope. 2 Advertisment Letters and one very old money note.

Collection of pictures of the 18th Century Collection on my Desk


  1. Hey Jennifer,
    Sent you an e-mail. These are great! IF you have yet sold them, I want them!!


  2. Thanks so much, im finding out so much about letter writing by doing this. What a wonderful lost art.

  3. Te han quedado tan maravillosamente reales!!!!
    Enhorabuena son una preciosidad.
    besitos ascension

  4. Are you selling these? Please contact me if you are and you have some available. Simply lovely!


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