Vintage Mail

The vintage Mail Lot consists of :
16 Envelopes with Letters Inside
19 Closed Envelopes
24 Double Sided Postcards
6 Victorian Cards
2 Victorian Calenders Pages
This takes me hours to do, though it is time spent doing something that I love to do.
Each one has been sealed with a spray sealer and then stained.
Each lot is going to be slightly different, as I vary which ones are closed and open
with the letters.
If your interested please send me an email and I will put you on my list for orders.
I can also do custom work if your looking for something specific.
Thanks for all your interest Jenn


  1. Thanks so much, Im enjoying getting back into mini's again. Jenn

  2. I LOVE those little vintage letters, so realistic!

  3. Thanks now that im back from camping, im back to making lots of mail. lol Im still making a little time for looking at blogs though!!lol

  4. Ridiculously lovely! These are gorgeous! :)

  5. These are just beautiful, i love them!


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