Vintage Letters

This is a collection of reproduction vintage letters and postcards done in 1/12 scale.
I love working on these though it is time consuming, I feel somehow connected with the past and this beautiful Ara of letter writing.

Allot of the letters you can actually open, with a vintage letter inside.
Some letters are sealed and would look great tied up in a bundle or in the nooks and crannies of your dollhouse or display. These letters are not flat but real envelopes with material inside to give real depth to the item.

Some letters have been opened by the side.

This collection is available for order from my etsy shop. I can also do customized work.

Showing the underside of the postcards that are double sided.

Vintage calenders and cards.
Front of postcards


  1. Wow I love your letters!!! I've looked at your Etsy's but it seems that you've run out of them. If you ever do a new bunch of them, I would love if you could tell me.... I couldn't resist :-)

  2. No problem, I have had alot of orders today. I think I will be making alot of Im doing reserve orders in my esty shop.

    I will let you know when I have another order ready. Thanks,jenn


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