Roombox Present

I just finished a room box for my Mother In Law Pat.
She is a wonderful lady and has been so generous with us, and tireless in her love for her family.

The Little House I started a while back after seeing the wonderful 1/144 scale houses that some very talented fellow blogger's made. I could not afford the kit so I made a little version of my own, and found out that 1/144 scale is not my favourite scale to work

I was inspired to make this room box by the Thorne Room is Chicago. My husband Dave and I have been to Chicago 3 times and I would love to go back. I purchased the book on the rooms when we were there, and I am so glad that I did as it's a wealth of inspiration.
I even made a curtain cornice, and put in a picture of an English country garden.
I made the bread when my nieces were over and we were all playing with clay.
The bottom silhouette  is of Jane Austin, Pat Love's her movies as I do. I painted the chairs white and distressed them. And can you guess what the cushion and drapes are made out of???

This verse is special to Pat and also myself. I printed off a larger version for me and put it up on the wall facing my desk so I can see it and be inspired.
I even put clear plastic in all the frames,
(i just realised that i miss spelled voice as vice) oops.)
I had of course to include some vintage mail, and roses that I made.
The desk I already had, and I think it looks great with the other pieces. I love to mix things up.
This is my before, it's a room box that I purchased at Ikea many many years ago. I already had the windows, and the floor is Popsicle sticks stained. The walls are dry wall paste.
Shot of some of the furniture before it went in.
Thanks for looking in on my little room box. I loved making it and plan on making more in the future.

PS. You can click on the pictures to see a larger version.