Apothecary Display Commission

This was a commissioned piece that my customer wanted to be similar to one that i had already made.
I put in lots of potion books for her and some more open drawers!!

Stacks of ready packaged potion books!!
Barrel stocked with lots of love potion!! The apothecary shops always tend to go through alot of this !!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. gawd woman!!! these are all fabulous!!! love each and every one :D Linda x

  2. I love the little knobs on the drawers. They are just the perfect touch. another great project! Blessings, Joanne

  3. Great, Jenn!
    Hope you still remember about the books and me?;D

  4. Woww. Really Great display, simply fantastic.

  5. I love how you put things together. The the used lived in feeling they have..

  6. Well you know just how much I adore mine Jenn, so Im sure your customer will be so thrilled! Another beautiful job! Kate xxx

  7. Önizleme
    Nati dedi ki...Hoy he venido a visitar tú blog y me he quedado impresionada de las maravillas que tienes aquí, son preciosos tus trabajos y he pasado un ratito muy agradable disfrutando con tus cosas,
    he decidido quedarme como seguidora y así poder volver ha disfrutar de tus maravillos.
    Felicidades por todo lo que compartes con todos nosotros y te deseo lo mejor.
    yo tengo dos blog: uno de cuentos Infantiles y para mayores y otro de premios y otras curiosidades y como en Reyes me han regalado una casita de muñecas, quiero abrir otro para ir mostrando a todos los progresos de mi trabajo.
    Estas invitada-o a conocerlos, cuando quieras o puedas y sin ningun compromiso por tú parte, eso si, el día que decidas visitarme seras bienvenida-o.
    ya sabes como llegar pinchas en mi foto y te transporta de inmediato.
    recibe un tierno beso y hasta pronto Nati

  8. Waauuw, its absolute fantastic !!
    So many details I love it.

    Mini hugs Mieke

  9. Your work is really amazing and astonished... I am still worndering how you decided to become one of my followers LOL... because I am not able to do what you are doing and I have not finished to discover your previous works through your blog. I gave also your blog to one of my friends who did not know any thing about miniatures but who is still interested in good art. DOei, claude

  10. From shabby chic to fantasy, your work really is quite amazing.


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