New Robins Egg Soaps!!!!

Seeing that my stock of my Reg Apothecary Jars with bead lids is down too the last ones on Etsy I figured it was time to make some new ones!!!
I just recently got these new Glass Apothecary Bottles and I'm so thrilled with the quality. I love the little lids.

Showing 2 Sizes of Apothecary Bottles I have on Etsy right now.
This is also a sneek peek at my furniture for my mini Store I'm working on.
Green Egg Soaps, 2 kinds of apothecary bottles are available.
So blue!!!!
I love this new bottles it's the style i have been looking for a long time.
My new double Shabby Chic Wall Unit with soaps displayed.
Oh i love this look, not too
Hope you like,


  1. They look so cute. I love the lids! Blessings, Joanne

  2. It looks very beautiful,the new glass bottles are very nice.Jeannette

  3. to say it in one word: amazing. If you didnt tell us it's miniature,i would not believe it. It is so detailed!

  4. Hello Jen, everything is so beautiful!
    Love, Susanne

  5. Thanks for all you comments, i soooo love soaps, and apothecary jars!!!!!! Spring is on its way the sun is out!!! yeah!!!!

  6. Beautiful details. Super jars. Love it all. Best wishes Carol:)

  7. Very beautiful work, and what a pretty jars!!! :)

  8. I love it very much...just ordered some bottles on your etsy. Think they will look beautiful in my bathroom too!


  9. I love them!!!! Brava!
    Ciao Iaia

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  11. I absolutely can't wait until my house is ready to furnish with all the beautiful things that make a house a home. Your soap.. I need your soap. My bathroom is going to look soooo pretty!

  12. Te han quedado realmente fantasticos!!!
    besitos ascension


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