Quills and Inks Dislay

This is my latest Creation!!

I have added so many things to it I have lost count!!

The Cabinet was aged more and then antiqued. All the bottles had there labels antiqued and then I started adding items. The parchment rolls were already to go as with the stacks of cut parchment tied with string. Quills and all the bottles were then put into place and I went about adding so many letters and envelopes that like I said at the start of this post I lost count.
Stacks of Distressed Letters and Newspapers Litter the Floor. I like having props like these with my display as they add more depth and are fun to move around to suit your display.

Top of the cabinet, I made some new labels for Scrivenshafts which are on the parcels. Really how does one ever find anything in this shop?
My new Quill boxes with my custom labels, Phoenix Feather Quills are the stores specialty. Stacks of letter and extra feathers are stored on top of the display.
Left side of Cabinet.
Right Side of Cabinet. You can see some of the extra storage drawers below. They are faux but look very realistic.
Close up of some of the feather quills and Dragons Blood Ink.

Stacks of rolled parchment and cut parchment.
One of my fav's disappearing ink? Can you see it?


  1. What absolutely spectacular work! You surely are the very best miniaturist I've ever seen!

  2. It's a wonderful piece and a shop myself that I have thought about doing, though was unsure how to fill it. This cabinet sums up how it should look - marvellous and I will look out for it. :O)))))

    Have a great holiday!
    Michelle xx

  3. Es un trabajo realmente espectacular!!!!
    Feliz Año Nuevo!!!
    Espero que se cumplan todos tus sueños!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Its totally gorgeous Jenn , well done you, so much detail! What paper do you use for the rolls, its like parchment and so fine and Id love to use something like this for books. Have a fantastic holiday and Happy New Year Love Kate

  5. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments, The rolls are made from my vintage letters. I find that when you stain them they take on a different texture and feel. Reg Printer paper, manilla colour.

  6. My Son is a Harry Potter Fan and he loves your miniatures...so do I! This must have taken you forever! So detailed..awesome work. Blessings, Joanne

  7. omg!!! looks fabulous!!!! i will watch for it too :D Linda x

  8. "Spectacular" is the right word!!!
    Happy New Year

  9. Congratulations, It is just perfect and awesome!
    Happy new year!! :)

  10. AWESOME! Great work, Jenn! It will be sold fast no doubt!:) Have great holidays! And all the best in the New Year!:)

  11. ........|___|... meraviglioso!!!
    ........|000|... Happy New Year!
    ........|000|... per un anno magico.
    ..........\0/..... con affetto
    ...........||..... rosa.kreattiva
    ........._||_.... ♥¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)

  12. Wonderful! As with all of this series.


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