New Love Potion Apothecary Display!!

Love Potion Apothecary Display!!

I love these single displays, and how the furniture becomes so much of the display.
Each Love potion is made from crystal beads and is separately labeled. The crystal beads reflect light and add that special touch to the display.
Love Potions 10 Gallons Each.
All the love potions in the glass bottle are removable. This is the only bottle i have been able to find like this.
Stacks of wrapped Love Potion Packages await there new Owners.
Love potion labels with Slug and Jiggers on them.
Back view of display. All the packages are sitting on old papers and letters.
I had allot of fun making this new display, hope you like it.


  1. Beautiful! I love the little bead bottles and who couldn't use a love potion :)

    Victoria ♥

  2. Your work is so beautifully stylish and I love the attention to every detail. Even your wrapping paper is gorgeous.

  3. Always love your displays Jenn and love the combination of pink with black very stylish yet magical! Kate xxx

  4. Perfect! Send you a message re: the bottles..

  5. Those teeny tiny labels are so amazing! I love the jar. Jenn, you are so talented! Blessings, Joanne

  6. Love it!!! Your stacks of books and papers are so magical, Jenn!;D

  7. So sweet and perfect! I adore your works!

  8. Wonderful!! I love all the details!



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