Apothecary Cabinet

 Apothecary Cabinet #6

Apothecary's often have many different types of cabinets to hold different Ingredients.
Shown with the ingredients out. Interior section divided up into 3 sections to keep all items safe and organized.

. I have custom made the labels. Items are glued in place.
Ingredients inside cabinet.

18 separate ingredients are removable with labels on the tops and sides. They have all been separately antiqued.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of my newest piece.


  1. Jenn I just love your creations! Guess I will have to order from you that ingredients too :D

  2. Now this i LOVE! Did you make the piece Jenn or customise a piece of furniture you already had? its gorgeous! Kate xxx

  3. Gosh, another quirky piece! Very original too and I love the ageing that you have done. ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  4. Un trabajo perfecto¡¡¡ besos¡


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