New Display

Apothecary Display!!

New this time,drawer opened with items flowing out. New labels for the drawers, makes you wonder what's inside???

More Second Hand books.

You can even put this in a window for display as i have turned some of the items to face the other way.


  1. I love your style - so realistic and Dickensian somehow. Beautifully understated colour and design!! Can you hear it? 'Chomp, chomp' - that's me eating my heart out :D

  2. fabulous!!! love it!!! :D Linda x

  3. Jenn, I love the whole your HP serie.:) It is just briliant! All the second hand books and these jars make me want to build the next HP project.;)Love the colour of the furniture and this well planned mess. Great great pleasure to watch!

  4. Oooh its even more stacked with goodies than mine! Fab Jenn and cant wait for more HP creations! Hope your feeling better all of you Kate xxx

  5. Very beautiful, I love all the details that you put in your minis, you are very talented! :)

    Warm hugs, Jollie

  6. Thanks so much everyone!!!! Im loving making the series and now just getting over the flu Im feeling like making items again, im on a roll and it seems i cant be

    mini hugs,jenn

  7. Wonderfull!!
    Jane Gariba


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