Happy New Year, Shop Update.

Happy New Year to Everyone. I just wanted to give a shop update. I still do not have a date that I will re-open the shop. This post is a bit long winded so please forgive me.
I have had to take time off to part-time home school my son Chris. He has learning disabilities and this year in his new school they did not give him any extra support at all. I mean no E.A. No Classroom extra help, No extra help from the teacher, Nothing! He is 12 and working at around the grade 4-5 level for some subjects and lower for others. They did not even adjust his grade level to his needs, which means he was expected to do grade 7 level with no extra help. So I am having to try to figure out how to best help him. We pulled him from that school and now have him in a small private school part time, but they have no E.A. so subjects like math and reading we are having to do at home. I struggle myself with these subjects so this is quite the interesting situation.
On top of this my lovely Mother in Law is struggling with stage 4 cancer. This has put alot of stress on all of our family and we are trying to find our way though the mist of coping with illness.
I am still trying to also get an area for me to work at as our basement reno has very much stalled. Grrrrrr
So I do apologies for not having things up and running again but hopefully I will be able to get a rhythm going and get back into the swing of things.
Thank you all for your continued support.