Exciting News! for the first 150 people to subscribe to American Miniaturist Magazine you will receive an Extra Gift supplied by Looking Glass Miniature. For American Miniaturist your extra gift is 3 Vintage Letters tied together with silk ribbon. Perfect for any miniature room setting.

  If you are one of the first 200 people to subscribe to Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine, you will receive this french letter set supplied by Looking Glass Miniature. This set consists of 2 real french envelopes, 4 Invoices, 2 Picture Postcards double sided and 1 Picture. Fantastic quality and a beautiful addition to any desk or miniature setting.

These are both lovely magazines, treat yourself today to alot of Miniature fun!!!

Thank again, I hope everyone is having a lovely day!


  1. Congratulations on this commission. Anyone who has your work knows how wonderful it is.
    As for that magazine... NEVER!

  2. Oh beautiful, Jenn! I subscribed last week, but only digitally. There will be some very lucky people out there getting these little treasures!

    1. Thanks Shannon, its been a busy week for me so I am late posting this. I think its a great idea to give out little gifts for early subscribers. Always fun to get a little present in the mail.

  3. Your letters are Really lovely Jennifer and what a great bonus for those lucky new subscribers! :)


  4. Hello Jennifer, How wonderful! your letters are lovely and such a nice accessory to make a room come to life.
    Big hug


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