Treasures from Chicago

Back from www.theminiatureshow in Chicago.
 We had a wonderful time meeting up with other Miniature Artists and Miniature enthusiasts.  I wanted to show the wonderful miniature treasures that I acquired in Chicago.
 This is a wonderful paper folder from Leger. I love the detail that my new camera can pick up. There work is unsurpassed in quality. I consider myself lucky to have some of there pieces. They are lovely people and such a pleasure to deal with.

 2 blue vases, I think I will put these in my Jane Austen inspired room.
 Valerie Casson 
I always love meeting up with Valerie at the show. She is the sweetest person and such a talented artist. I am astounded at the work Valerie makes. The ceramics are so lovely and detailed. 
 I love this french duck pitcher
 The teapot books are so whimsical, I felt drawn to this little piece. The lovely planter is a gift from Valerie, she is so sweet.
 The lovely flower display is by Christina O'Neill.  Cea's Garden Miniatures. I have been next to Christina each year at the show. She is such a fantastic artist and person. She gifted this too me and I feel very blessed to have such lovely friends in all parts of the world. 
 Always fantastic is Art of Mini. 
I love there kits and look forward to putting them together. Janny and her husband are so nice, what a talented artist she is.
Love this little doll, it is the first one I have purchased for my collection. Made by Ethel Hicks. She was not at the show and was thus represented by Swan House Miniatures.

Though I did not get very much this year, I am very pleased with my little treasures. 

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Preciosas compras, me alegro que pasaras unos días fantástico disfrutando de obras de arte en minis:-)

  2. Some gorgeous finds there! Can't wait to see them in place.

  3. I'm both jealous and excited to see your purchases. Thanks for posting photos to feed my mini addiction 😉😉

    1. It was fun to go, my last year as I am taking a break from shows and concentrating on home life and my Etsy shop when it re-opens. Thanks for your comment. Jenn

  4. Some beautiful finds Jenn. Love the little doll and those ceramics! Sigh! So beautiful. Hope everything went smoothly for you and you enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Shannon, yes we did. Lots of work so tired when I got back. Came down with ear and sinus infection so I have been down for the count. Starting too feel better now I have some meds. lol

  5. And INDEED they are all Treasures!!! The letter opener is Gorgeous and the Perfect accessory to accent your own Paper Goods!
    I also love the Ethel Hicks doll and the china and the kits which I know are going to be Fun to make!
    I'm sorry to learn that you came home from Chicago with an infection but Very Glad to learn that you are now on the mend. Get Well Soon and enjoy each of your Delightful Mini Treats- medicine for the soul! ;D


    1. Hi Elizabeth, Im glad you think the letter opener is amazing too. I love it! I love my little doll, can not wait until I get further into finishing my Beacon Hill to place it on a child's bed. Indeed minis are medicine for the soul. Take care and thank you for your continued support of my blog. Jenn

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