Sometimes you need a little mini in your life.

 Some pictures of my past work, I hope everyone is well is has been a rather interesting year. I am now on Instagram if you want to follow me. 
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Long over due post. Going way back to 2019.

The Chicago 2019 Miniature Show. So sorry for my late post, real size life has taken over my life for a bit. I thought I would share a few of the photos my husband Dave took when we attended last year. I can not believe it is already 2020.

 I did a demo on making Top Hats from one of my kits. They are very easy and made entirely out of card stock. It was great fun so happy Dave was there too help me.

 My table at the show.

I wont be able to go to Chicago this year but who knows what the future holds. I loved meeting all my new miniature friends and a big thank you to everyone who came by too say hello. Thank you so much, Just a short post today. I did not get time too ask everyone in the photo there permission to post so if you are in the photo and did not want to be my apologies. Just email me and I can blur you out. 

I am working on some new items and hope to post soon about them.


Treasures from Chicago

Back from www.theminiatureshow in Chicago.
 We had a wonderful time meeting up with other Miniature Artists and Miniature enthusiasts.  I wanted to show the wonderful miniature treasures that I acquired in Chicago.
 This is a wonderful paper folder from Leger. I love the detail that my new camera can pick up. There work is unsurpassed in quality. I consider myself lucky to have some of there pieces. They are lovely people and such a pleasure to deal with.

 2 blue vases, I think I will put these in my Jane Austen inspired room.
 Valerie Casson 
I always love meeting up with Valerie at the show. She is the sweetest person and such a talented artist. I am astounded at the work Valerie makes. The ceramics are so lovely and detailed. 
 I love this french duck pitcher
 The teapot books are so whimsical, I felt drawn to this little piece. The lovely planter is a gift from Valerie, she is so sweet.
 The lovely flower display is by Christina O'Neill.  Cea's Garden Miniatures. I have been next to Christina each year at the show. She is such a fantastic artist and person. She gifted this too me and I feel very blessed to have such lovely friends in all parts of the world. 
 Always fantastic is Art of Mini. 
I love there kits and look forward to putting them together. Janny and her husband are so nice, what a talented artist she is.
Love this little doll, it is the first one I have purchased for my collection. Made by Ethel Hicks. She was not at the show and was thus represented by Swan House Miniatures.

Though I did not get very much this year, I am very pleased with my little treasures. 

Have a fantastic day!

The Miniature Show

The Miniature Show

I will once again see you in Chicago in late April at The Miniature Show. I am sure this year will turn out to be another amazing event. Last year was such fun with so many talented artists in attendance.  If you have not been The Miniature Show before I would highly recommend going if you are able. The show is held in the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, Chicago, one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stayed in. Greg hosts lots of fun events and is a pleasure to deal with. 

I do a lot of shopping every year and come home with such treasures, but always forget to blog and take pictures about it.

I hope to have more pictures this year as we have treated our family to a new camera.  My son, who I mention in the post below, loves to do stop motion animation. The camera is suited to his use, my use and will also work for my husband's job. I am hoping it will improve the quality of my pictures.

I am looking forward to seeing, once again, all the lovey miniature enthusiasts that attend the event. 

You can see lots of pictures of items from Artists that will be attending the event on

 The Miniature Shows Facebook Page

I will be doing some demonstrations on: 

Making Miniature Boxes and Top Hats

Learn Simple Tips and effective tools to make the job easier when putting together box kits. 
Never made a Top Hat? It is super easy and fun to do with a simple cardboard kit and paint. The possibilities for customizing are endless. 

Top hat in above picture is made with cardboard and painted. So simple to make and would look fantastic in any miniature display. 
 I have lots of fantastic box kits that would suit many miniature scenes.  The are simple and fun to make. 

I will do my best to post some of the recent items I have been making in the next few weeks.  My own computer is back up and running so that is fantastic. Reno's on our house still in progress but I am feeling my miniature inspiration coming back and I am also looking forward to the gardening season and warmer weather coming.  Still working on doing a better job with home schooling, but on a bright note. My son who has struggled to make friends is now making some in his new school, though his is only going part-time. He had his first hang out, I have to call it that now since he is twelve and a play-date is for little kids I am told. lol

 So excited for him, and thankful!

Merry Christmas!

To all my Miniature friends in Blog Land, I wish you a very Magical Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.  In the words of Tiny Tim, God Bless you Everyone!

Enjoy your holidays and be safe!

New Items for Etsy Shop!

I am in the process of uploading and taking pictures of all the new box kits I had on display at the Miniature Show. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi and do a little shopping. Wonderful weather to come home to, though right now its raining. lol No snow though which is fantastic! Keep watch over the next few weeks for lots of new stock coming to my Etsy shop.

Below picture of my stacking numbered box kits. All made with 110lb cardstock and super easy to make.

New Alice Boxes, available in both black and a colored version. 110lb cardstock.


Exciting News! for the first 150 people to subscribe to American Miniaturist Magazine you will receive an Extra Gift supplied by Looking Glass Miniature. For American Miniaturist your extra gift is 3 Vintage Letters tied together with silk ribbon. Perfect for any miniature room setting.

  If you are one of the first 200 people to subscribe to Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine, you will receive this french letter set supplied by Looking Glass Miniature. This set consists of 2 real french envelopes, 4 Invoices, 2 Picture Postcards double sided and 1 Picture. Fantastic quality and a beautiful addition to any desk or miniature setting.

These are both lovely magazines, treat yourself today to alot of Miniature fun!!!

Thank again, I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

French Antiques Shadowbox for Alpha Stamps

Showcasing my French Antiques Shadowbox.

I was very privileged this year to be selected by
 as one of their Guest Designers.
I chose the new Large Frame Shadowbox to decorate. I love the depth to this shadowbox as it allows such flexibility in your design. 
Imagine that you have just stumbled across a wonderful french shop filled with lovely antiques. 
 I was also able to design a collage sheet to accompany this display, which I incorporated into the display.
Vintage Prints & Architectural Drawings Collage Sheet. The 3-Panel Hutch was cut in half to fit on top of of the wooden side table.

 Faux Metal Number Plates 1 to 25 are just one of the-items displayed on the bottom shelf of the 3-Drawer Unfinished Wooden Side Table. I used acrylic grey and white paint to give the numbers a vintage zinc look. The technique I use for this is to paint the item a dark grey and then proceed, when it has dried, to apply a lighter grey and some white-washing with a slightly dry brush. You just keep applying paint until you are satisfied with your look.

 I used Candlestick Table Kit – Black and decorated it with the following items: Mason Jars set of 3Pewter CandlesticksRabbit Brads and the Vintage Books I designed for the collage Sheet. I applied the same technique to distress the table and rabbit brad with acrylic paint.

 The topiaries in this picture were designed by using the following materials: Leafy Green UnderbrushAntiqued Large Victorian PlanterAntiqued Medium Victorian PlanterLeafy Green Underbrush, Bamboo skewer,Styrofoam Balls 1” & 1.5”, Sandtastic Brown Coloured Sand, foam, & Acrylic Paint. These are very easy to make and only require a little patience. First step is to insert your Bamboo Skewer into your Styrofoam balls and paint with green acrylic paint. When dry,add white glue to your balls and sprinkle your Leafy Green Underbrush onto them. I used my hand to lightly push the material into the foam ball. This will ensure good contact. You can fill any spots you have missed when the glue has dried. I then take my scissors and give the topiary a trim to level out the areas.Cut foam to fit inside your planter add glue into base and sprinkle your sand to mimic dirt. Once this has dried, trim your skewer to size desired, paint it and insert into the foam of your planter.
 The Wrought Iron Gates in this photo are so beautiful. I love the old world look they have. They are sturdy and stand up well on their own. A perfect find for someone shopping in my Miniature Vintage Shop. Vintage Architectural prints are displayed on the walls. The miniature resin planters have been painted with acrylic paint to look as though they are zinc. I shaped the foam in them to look like a tall cone and then covered it with Leafy Green Underbrush.  

 More Vintage Architectural Prints and Vintage Books are displayed in the wood crate. I love old crates and used the Tall Wooden Fruit Crate and Tim Holtz Rub-Ons (Botanical)to decorate it. You could use any Rub-on to your liking as I believe these might be discontinued. The Crate was also sanded down to remove its original layer of paint,I then repainted it to look worn. There are lots of great tutorials online about creating your own Rub-Ons with wax paper. Why not give it a try?

 Vintage books and Numbers on display. I love how these books turned out. They are so easy to make. Just fold along the lines of the book and add in your choice of paper, foam, or wood. I used paper in mine.

 Rabbit Brads and Mason Jars decorate this shelf along with vintage prints and books. The Rabbit Brads are distressed with acrylic paint to look like zinc. All the Mason Jars have labels on them that are part of the Collage sheet I designed.

 These doors are one of my favorite things about this display. I used the Old Doors Collage Sheet to make them. I re-sized them to fit my needs for this display and added Mini Chipboard Wrought Iron Flourishes Set components to give the door a more realistic look.

 Shutters painted and distressed add to the worn feel to the display.

 Mini Chipboard Wrought Iron Flourishes Set components painted black to look like old iron. I love the look and feel of these.

Full display with glass insert. It's so fun to be able to put your creations on display without worrying about dusting. lol

  I thought I would show you how I cut the 3-Panel Hutch in half.   I used a very sharp x-acto knife to cut the panel in half. Use your ruler to guide your knife. This will allow you to get a more precise cut.

Adding the above section before gluing also allowed me to determine exactly where I wished to cut the hutch.

My first step in making the vintage doors was to re-size them to fit my display. I then added 12" x 12" Chipboard for backing and cut out the window section. Cutting up the Mini Chipboard Wrought Iron Flourishes Set into the straight the section you see in the photo.

 The top part of the section is what I will be using in the door.

 In the photo above I have taken the section and added cardstock to the sides of it. This allows me to attach it on the back of the door easier as there is more glue-able space. I have painted all of the pieces black before gluing them.

 Glue it into the back of the door.

I wanted to have wood flooring and wished to have a slim profile on the wood. I was at our local dollar store and found these wood stir sticks. They worked fantastic, You will of course find lots of imperfections in such a product but you can cut off these sections and make different lengths of them. 

One of my last jobs was to print and back the Architectural prints with more of the 12" x 12" Chipboard. You will want to weight these down afterwards to keep them from bending. Once dried, cut them out and antique the edge with your ink pad. Below are the books that can be made with the Vintage Prints & Architectural Drawings Collage Sheet.

Alpha Stamps Items 
Tim Holtz Rub-Ons (Botanical) Discontinued

Additional Items Used

Wood Stir Sticks
Acrylic Paint 
White Glue 
Styrofoam Balls 1” & 1.5” 
Bamboo Skewer 
Ink pad Brown